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last update 02:33 put. 21:55 might be overheated cpu 22:03 dude i had that problem too, just disable your steam overlay and thats all you dont even have to restart 22:07, it's overloading your HDD. I also would like to note that I changed Mainboard and CPU 2 months ago and this was happening on my old build with the AMD 965 as well. Me too bro, me too. It's definitely not a waste of money as you will be able to use it on future CPUs 22:10. You can try to unpark your CPU cores also. So I think it might be something else. 21:50 de/reinstall anti virus. 22:11, did anyone solve this problem? Then make sure your Windows and your drivers (including GPU driver) are up-to-date. The funny thing is, lage it only occurs once per match and mostly at round start. Edition, subscribe to our newsletter, by clicking "Sign me up" you are subscribing to the Tom's Hardware newsletter and agreeing to our. Make sure you don't have too much dust in your computer and fans aswell, that shit is really bad for your computer! It s really random, some games can go without a freeze. Fix was buying extra ram and SSD(I think that having csgo on ssd drive fixed that). Few months ago where I d get random lag right before someone peeked a corner. I noticed some strange freezes in Counter-Strike Global Offensive. I tried to log some audio lags with LatencyMon but can t really interpret. There s a number of fixes listed in a megathread here: http steamcommunity. CS GO, sport I always have sound stutter combined with heavy FPS lag / short freezes after a while. The funny thing is, it only occurs. Please read - warning: This might actually work for you but people have stated that it can still crash their game throughout playing, Its. This noticeable freeze is also termed as, cS : GO Lag with good ping by players and is observed when we are talking about some serious.

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T have any bad sectors or anything 39 had the same, i have verified the integrity of my game files 08 is it working fine with only 4GBs of RAM. That youapos, try buying a BeQuiet PureRock cooler if you donapos. I always have sound stutter lager combined with heavy FPS lag short freezes after a while 22, i just bought a new computer so the hardware shouldnt be the Problem 38, doesnt happen when im in a private server but when online this happens.

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Login or register to add your comment to the discussion. It was a Western Digital Green Drive very slow with stand by features and stuff I installed csgo on my SSD and everything is lag fine now. Other Purch sites 2018 Purch All Rights Reserved. The latest installment to the CounterStrike franchise maintains a healthy. Win7 64bit 13, i havent changed anything but suddenly I suffer this random freezes which last like. Did you solve it, using following hardware, aMD FX4300BE 4k 51 second and always when someone is shooting.

Then make sure your PC components aren't overheating, use HWMonitor.Nice job volvo 23:34, first of all, make sure there isn't any process in process manager, that eats much CPU resources.However, this is annoying and can lead to a quick death if any enemy is around.